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Baby and Children Auctions

Apr. 28th, 2011

01:15 pm

Lots of infant - toddler girls summer clothes up for bid on Ebay, click HERE

Apr. 10th, 2011

04:52 pm

Lots of Spring / Summer clothes for infant girls 0-18 months up for auction... HERE!

Nov. 30th, 2010

06:33 pm - ♥ Selling children clothes in bundles ♥ Gap Skirt ♥

Hello :) I'm selling these clothings as they no longer fit. All are in absolute perfect condition with no stains nor holes. Some were never worn and rest worn only up to 2 times. Measurements are taken across items :) They're sold in bundles and price quote is as a whole. If you want indvidual items, it would be proxy $1~2 higher. Shipping from Singapore, may take longer time to reach you. Shipping is gauged $1~2 for each item I suppose. Don't mind haggling, everyone wants a good deal ;) Price stated in SGD.




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Nov. 22nd, 2010

05:04 pm - cutest lampwork glass beads on sale

Training with a heart rate monitor made a significant difference in my training, in fact I wish I would have started using one earlier in my running career. I tried a heart rate monitor for the first time in 1995, 14 years after I first started running and racing. I quickly learned that I was running way too hard on my so-called "easy" days. Because I had become comfortable running at a fairly quick pace everyday, I wasn't reaping the benefits of rest days. During most of my runs my HR was 75% of maximum, sometimes even 80%. I'm sure training at such a high HR everyday caused my immune system to weaken over the years. I was lucky, I never sustained a serious injury that prevented me from running, but I often had upper respiratory infections, colds and a slight fever. Once I discovered the joys of truly running "easy" most days, I was able to train much harder on my "hard" days, my racing times improved and I stopped feeling "under the weather" most of the time.

Oct. 23rd, 2010

04:46 am

^^ Click pic to see prices & more info.

Sep. 11th, 2010

03:22 am

Trying to make a little extra money for our new baby, due next month...

Please check out my Ebay items by clicking * HERE *.

Lots more coming soon!

Jul. 12th, 2010

01:17 am

~ Baby items on Ebay ~

Baby sandals, shoes, & swimsuits for now, but lots of baby clothes & maternity clothes coming soon! Check 'em out!

Nov. 29th, 2009

09:03 pm - 55 items, girls, 18 months, $55 OBO plus shipping

Hey all! THIS did not sell on ebay. I have yet to photograph the 24 and 2T lots, as my daughter made a mess of them and I am just resorting them all (while mobility challenged, carrying twins is literally a pain, but every week they stay in I'm grateful for so don't let that look like a complaint).

I do have photos of the 18 months lot though. 55 pieces, and I will have to do a double take and check out the details and update this post but photos under the cut! I am selling it for $55 as a lot plus shipping and handling, or $1 per item plus shipping and handling (or best offers, of course).

Like I said, give me some time to draw up details, I actually have most of the stuff in the washer right now (I had really really hoped they would sell on ebay last minute, damage it all, lol).

I am only accepting paypal.

On that note, I might be willing to TRADE them and pay shipping and handling myself for a really good deal on preemie/NB/small cloth diaper covers or AIOs or NB/Premmie/0-3 months boys cloths for the twins. Let me know if you're interested and have a trade in mind, or an offer, or... yeah, photos now (I'm obviously a babbler, even in type)@_@

I also might trade for 2T or 3T girls clothes, burp clothes, recieving blankets, slings or baby carriers, size 6 and 7 toddler shoes... lemme know what you have to trade... okay, desisting after taking 45 minutes to post (lol). PICTURE HEAVY WITH CUTENESS <3
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Nov. 3rd, 2009

08:46 pm - -- Please Visit Tristans Closet

Tristan's Closet @ LJ.COM

0-9 Months Boy Clothes

Carter's, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Okie Dokie, Garanimals,Child of Mine and Others

I just started so I will be adding things frequently

Please Take a Look

Oct. 3rd, 2009

01:16 pm - Baby Shirt Sale!

Buy Handmade

A limited number of premade baby shirts are on sale for ONLY $10!!!! Check em out now!

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